Sunday, January 28, 2007

Suggestions for the Generators

If you have suggestions for the contents of the generators on Dream Weaved Worlds please send post comment to this message.

Dream Weaved Worlds Suggestion Box

Please send your general suggestion for the Dream Weaved Worlds website here by sending comments.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A World of Changes - What will happen next...

For those interested in the world of tomorrow, check out my latest website, where you'll find articles about events and technologies that might change the world you live in. New Technologies, gadgets, space exploration, new transportation, climate changes, nano technology and cloning are but a few of the subject that will be treated in A World of Changes. Check it out and check it often, the world is changing faster than you think!

Friday, December 01, 2006

First Gaming Tiles Set Finished on Dream Weaved Worlds

I've just finished my first gaming tiles set for RPGs and Wargames and released them on my Dream Weaved Worlds website, the set comprise 20 tiles but some bonus tiles will be also release in the future. I'm now starting my second set of tiles that will have a classic dungeon theme. I'd like to have your comments about my tiles and what you would like to see in the future.

Monday, October 30, 2006

New Section on Dream Weaved Worlds

Added a news section available through the left side panel of the Dream Weaved Worlds website:
Tiles, this section contain gaming tiles usable for miniatures gaming
ungeons and Dragons, D&D Miniatures, Warhammer or other
Roleplaying or War games

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dream Weaved Worlds Revamped

My RPG Website, Dream Weaved Worlds has just been revamped with a whole new look. I should also start back updating the news more often, with at least a news per week, so check back often.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This Week in Review: Pirates 3 News

Welcome back to This Week in Review: Pirates 3 News. Another interesting week for Pirates of the Caribbean fans, here's a quick review of this week news on Pirates 3 News.

New POTC3 Pictures: A lot of new pictures have surfaced on the net this week. You can see some shots of the extras, an exhibit of the movie costumes and new pictures from the set.

Pirates gets Waxed: Pirates of the Caribbean characters have been immortalized in wax museums around the world, if you've always wanted to see the characters in real life, maybe should visit one of these museum. The characters may not be very talkative but they sure look real.

Halloween is Coming: This is your last few days to prepare for the Halloween and pirates will sure be a popular theme this year. Visit our costume section for last minutes purchases. Also, we have found a Black Pearl pattern that you can apply to carve your Halloween Pumpkin.

More Stuff: We've added a video of Johnny Depp signing autographs and another one where he tries the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The interceptor could also be seen on a California port where children could reenact see battles.

This complete my review of this week news on Pirates 3 News

Pirates 3 News

This week in review: Transformers HQ

Welcome again to This Week In Review: Transformers HQ! Although filming of the Transformers movie is finished and we're starting to get less pictures and videos from the set, we still got some pretty interesting news about the Transformers movie this week. Here's a quick review of this week news on Transformers HQ.

Movie Toys Pictures:
The first pictures of the Transformers movie toy have appeared on the net. The pictures shows both Prime and Starscream in what appears to be their Proto-Form (the form they had before taking an Earth form). Both figures are shown from multiples angles inside and outside of their packages.

20th Ed. Transformers DVD:
Sony's 20th Anniversary Transformers Movie DVD will be released soon, on November 7th and Sony put on a page on MySpace.

Prime Speak Contest Finalists:
30 finalists were chosen for the Make Prime Speak contest where participant could submit a line they'd like Optimus Prime to speak in the movie.

Transformers Trailer:
It was just announced that the next Transformers movie trailer that should appear before the end of the year will be a teaser trailer and not the official trailer. So, expect to see a bit more about the movie but no spoilers yet.

That's about it for this week, I really hope we start seeing some post production news or pictures in the near futures.

The Transformers HQ

Friday, October 20, 2006

This Week in Review: Pirates 3 News

Welcome to This Week in Review: Pirates 3 News. In this column that I'll update once a week, I'll talk about the biggest news that marked that week on the Pirates 3 News website. This post will be very useful for those who doesn't have the time to read every news on Pirates 3 News. If you find one of the news of particular interest, check for the complete news.

Filming in Guadeloupe Dunes and Niagara Falls: It seems that this week was a big week for filming news. Pirates of the Caribbean was shot in two locations this week: The Guadeloupe Dunes and Niagara Falls. The Guadeloupe Dunes were off limit to the public but it was reported that Jack Sparrow and his crew was to film on that set. In Niagara Falls, no actors were reported, so the falls themselves must have had a big role and surelly the actors will be pasted on in the movie, I can already see the classic scene of characters being pulled toward the falls at great speed while trying desperatelly to reach firm ground.

Trailer Coming Soon: Still an unconfirmed rumor, but it seems that the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 trailer would be release on November 3 in the movie previews of the film Santa Clause 3.

And Even More Stuff: A makeup artist making pirates make-over for childrens, more set pictures, a comic book for Dead Man's Chest, Awards for Depp and even more stuff.

Reminder: Although it's a bit more than a week old, I just wanted to remind Pirates3News fans that we recently put online our discussion forums, feel free to create an account and discuss about the Pirates of the Caribbean.

That's about it for this week on Pirates 3 News. Hope you enjoy the website!

The Pirates 3 News